Instructions for Authors
  • The paper will be both in English or French.

    The number of pages: between 4 - 10.


    • Music, Musicology, Composition, Education in music, Ethnomusicology and ethnology, Music Therapy, Stylistic interpretation in music.
    • Theater and performing arts, Film, Media.
    • History and Theory of Art, Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Decorative Arts, Trends in Contemporary Art, Communication through Art, Design: Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion, Art and New Media, Art and Society, Education through Art, The sign and symbol in Visual Arts.
    • Language and Literature Studies.

    Essay structure: abstract, keywords, introduction, the problems, conclusions, proposals and bibliography.

    Experimental work structure: abstract, keywords, introduction, purpose, hypothesis, research methods, content of the experiment, results, conclusions, proposals and bibliography.

    Recommendations on drafting work: Program: Office Word 2003 or higher.

    Page size: A4 Margins, fonts, line spacing, references and bibliography format according to this template.

    We strongly advise you to use the template and insert the text of the paper directly within the file.
    We are not responsible for scanned images, graphs and formulas can not be viewed.

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